During the past year photography has become one of my favorite hobbies. This is one of the things I*d like to improve during my trip. Capture: Bettina Engel

What I planned to do underway

In everyday life, the time for things I like to do is limited. I have some plans for the coming year. The order is variable. But: point 14 is the most important.

  1. learn Spanish
  2. taste the world’s kitchens
  3. see old friends again and meet new people
  4. read all the books I’ve always wanted to read
  5. read a book that play in the country I’m traveling
  6. take time for taking photos
  7. trust more on my gut feeling
  8. play more ukulele
  9. meditate more
  10. dance
  11. breathe
  12. live
  13. have fun
  14. And: Let to-do-list be to-do-lists. 😉

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