In the focus: the top 10 world trip questions everybody has asked me. Photo: Bettina Engel

What everyone has asked me

Two days left until departure. I said goodbye to almost all my friends, spent the last day at work, cleared out my apartment, handed over the key to the new tenant. In these weeks, I answered an awful lot of questions. Here are the top 10 questions everyone asked me.

1. Do you have an itinerary?
Yes. At least a rough one. First, it goes from east to west through Canada. Then I make a stopover with my host sister in Oregon. From there I’ll continue to Mexico City, where I’ll visit friends. That’s pretty much fixed. From Mexico City it goes on to the south, until I sometime and somehow arrive in Chile or Argentina. On the way to Asia, there may be a stopover in New Zealand. Depends on the time and the budget.

2. How long are you on the way?
For about a year.

3. What are you doing with your apartment?
She is sublet and in good hands.

4. What are you doing with your things?
Packed in boxes and stored.

5. Did you quit your job?

6. Do you work on the way?
There may be a few text or concept orders from Germany. But I will not work in the countries themselves. For this I would need special visas.

7. How can you best be reached?
Presumably public Wifi networks are more common and better around the world than in Germany. What’s App, e-mail, Skype, Facebook, Instagram … There are so many possibilities to stay in touch.

8. What do you do when you get the blues on the way?
Then I look at photos of my family of choice, call a friend or change places in the hope of positive vibes in the next place. That’s what I imagine, at least in theory. Whether this works in practice, I only know when the time comes. And when things get really bad, I can still fly home prematurely.

9. Will you come home again?
In any case. That’s definitely planned. But none of us can look into the future …

10. What are you doing with your hair?
Go to the hairdresser?! Well, the question is not unjustified. Anyone who knows me knows how whiny I am when choosing my hairdresser. I’m just testing myself through the world. If it looks terrible, I’ll put on a hat.

Any more questions? Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to woerter[at]

Photo credit: Bettina Engel

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    1. Thanks for your question. Some people asked me, what my plans are for after the trip. There is no answer to this question yet.

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