My subtenant will enjoy sitting on my sofa while I'm traveling.

The Most Important Man In My life

He is 28 years old, single, non-smoker, has no pets and is incredibly friendly: my interim tenant.

When I come back from my trip next year, I will be unemployed and almost broke. The already low chances to find an apartment in Frankfurt equal thus zero. Besides, I really like my apartment very much. The past 1.5 years I have spent gradually building my cozy nest. I don’t want to give that up completely (and especially I don’t want to give up my neigbour). The solution: I need an interim tenant.

A housing advertisement was written quickly. And then it was time to wait. My greatest strength indeed… 😉 In the first month, nothing happened. Only slowly did the first requests arrive in my mailbox. One asked, whether her German shepherd dog is allowed to move in, too, the next one wanted to move in with his wife and two kids, the third one canceled the agreed appointment shortly before she was supposed to arrive to then asked for another appointment a week later. Erm, well…

But then there was a viewing appointment. The apartment applicant was very enthusiastic, visibly comfortable, and we talked for a while – about this and that. I wanted to know someone reliable in my apartment. Somehow, you always notice quickly when the chemistry is just right. And my feeling remained positive the next day, too. Nevertheless, there were four more viewings. Two declined because they didn’t want to live for a limited time. No idea why they still looked at the apartment… I said yes to the first visitor.

I’m honest: I signed the lease with shaky hands. The signature also sealed my trip. There was no way back. The decision for visitor number one has proven to be absolutely correct so far. I may quote from his latest e-mail: “Do you still need any support before your world trip starts?” Such a dear person. I’m happy to know my apartment in good hands.

Surprisingly, I didn’t find it too hard to get used to the idea that somebody else would be comfortable on my sofa soon. But it is a reassuring feeling knowing that I can return to my cozy nest next year.

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