Sonnenaufgang unter den Wolken.

Return Without Corona Control

I am horrified by what is currently being done with travelers at Frankfurt Airport who come back from abroad: namely nothing at all. No temperature check, no questions about possible symptoms, no exit card. Good friends, on the other hand, keep their distance.

I haven’t seen my dear friend Cornelia for almost ten months. “I can pick you up from the airport,” she texted me. I was so much looking forward to it. But the reunion was all-to-sober. A salutatory hug? Unthinkable in times of Corona. That‘s understandable. But it hurts to feel that friends are physically distancing from me. Especially after not seeing each other for so long, but also after just sitting tightly crammed with hundreds of people on a plane for several hours. What a discrepancy.

When I returned from India last weekend, travelers from Thailand and probably other Asian countries sat with me in the plane. I was counting on being checked for Corona after landing in Frankfurt: measuring the temperature, visual check, filling out an exit card, on which you have to state whether you have any symptoms, where you come from, where and how you can be contacted in the upcoming weeks. Finally, you have to sign the whole thing. When I entered India – that was five weeks ago – the procedure was exactly like this. The background: fishing out possibly sick people and collecting contact options so that travelers can be contacted should a fellow passenger turn out to be corona positive afterwards.

“I find that irresponsible”

In Frankfurt – and I don‘t know how it is handled at other German airports – all arrivals cheerfully walked to the baggage carousel after entering the country, waited closely side by side for their suitcases and then left the airport with their loved ones. We don’t even have to speak of the arrangement of at least a domestic quarantine here. I find that irresponsible.
Many countries have reacted here a long time ago. Entry controls like mine in India are standard in many places. In many countries, a two-week (domestic) quarantine is mandatory for all new arrivals. According to media reports, there should be controls at the German border crossings. But not at the airport, where many more people from many countries come together? I lack any understanding for this in the current situation.

“Which country in the world is currently not a risk area?”

The Hessian state government reported on Saturday via Instagram: “All travelers returning from a risk area have to go into quarantine for 14 days.” But to be honest: Which country in the world is currently not a risk area? And what if travelers from less affected regions meet travelers in the transit area of an airport who come from badly affected regions and become infected there? We are all currently affected by such massive restrictions that I cannot understand that the federal and state governments do not act at the airport, or act so late.

Voluntarily in self-isolation
Although home quarantine hasn‘t been ordered, I won‘t move out the door of my temporary apartment in the next two weeks. In case I caught the virus at an airport or on a plane and now carry it without symptoms, I don’t want to be responsible for passing it on to someone.

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