Zeit zum Innehalten.

Pause For A Moment

The Christmas tree is festively decorated, candles sparkle, a juicy roast is simmering in the oven, the scent of hot wine is in the air. The family enjoys days off and being together. The aunt is arguing with the uncle, grandma is tipsy and little Teo is offended because Santa hasn‘t brought him a toy car. These or similar scenes are happening in many households around the world these days. We all deserve a little rest at the end of the year. But…

… as we enjoy these days, we should pause for a moment. Think of all those who don’t know how to pay for rice and bread for the next day. Think of those who have no running water. To those who have to relieve themselves behind cardboard boxes on main streets. To those who cannot afford to go to school and will struggle to survive in poverty for the rest of their lives. Think of the family who lost their father to an inflamed wound because there was no money for medication. Think of the fisherman who couldn’t sell his handful of fish he caught that day and comes home without any income. Think of the woman whose hands are bloody and whose back hurts from spending days and nights handcrafting in the hope of selling her work. Think of the children who live in box-like houses made of old wood – and who are happy anyhow.

Think of those who are (incurably) sick, of those who are no longer with us and feel with those who were left behind grieving.

Thank you!

Namasté and a wonderful end of the year to you all.

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