Rückkehr nach der Weltreise

“So, Have You Settled In Yet?”

“Have you settled in in Frankfurt yet? It must be really difficult after so long.” Very often friends have asked me these and other questions over the past few days. Here are the answers to the most important questions – and a small list of what’s really nice about being back in Germany.

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Sonnenaufgang unter den Wolken.

Return Without Corona Control

I am horrified by what is currently being done with travelers at Frankfurt Airport who come back from abroad: namely nothing at all. No temperature check, no questions about possible symptoms, no exit card. Good friends, on the other hand, keep their distance.

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Aarti-Zeremonie am Ganges vor zwei Wochen. Ob diese derzeit noch stattfindet, ist mir unbekannt. Die Behörden bitten darum, Menschenansammlungen zu meiden.

Riding Out Corona Crisis In India?

The current situation is like a game called “Fly home right away or stay”. But it’s an unfair game: the rules are constantly changing, but we players don’t know when and how. And that makes it difficult to plan sensible moves strategically.

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Zwei junge Thais tragen Masken. In Thailand kein ungewöhnliches Bild. Seit Ausbruch des Corona-Virus sind noch mehr Menschen mit Schutzmasken zu sehen, als sonst.

Corona – Traveling or What?

Up until yesterday, I wasn’t worried about the corona virus. I followed from a distance how toilet paper, noodles, rice and the like are hoarded in Germany, Europe and the rest of the western world – and felt safer in India than possibly some back home. But overnight India changed its entry requirements. And now I wonder if I could get stuck here if the situation worsens.

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Weißer Tempel

The Super Touri Chiang Rai Tour

I didn’t want to spend more than a day in Chiang Rai and that’s why I chose the all-inclusive package from a tour operator. So: here’s all you need to see around Chiang Rai.

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Mit den Mönchen auf Almosen-Rundgang.

Alms, Monks, Meditation

All over Thailand, monks leave their temples early in the morning to collect alms in exchange for a blessing for the donating people. I was allowed to join them during a Vipassana retreat.

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Sonnenaufgang über dem See am Vipassana-Meditationszentrum in Fang.

About A Bus Ride And A Hint Of The Universe

Fang, a small town about 150 kilometers north of Chiang Mai, is the next destination of my trip. During the bus ride I had a lot of time to think – and to write.

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