Hostel or hotel? Street food or Michelin starred restaurant? How much a world trip costs depends on the travel needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Travel the World?

Hostel or hotel? Street food or Michelin starred restaurant? Bus or taxi? How much a world trip costs depends on how long, where and, above all, how you travel.

Who wants to fulfil one’s dream of a world trip has to: save. The adventure can only start when there’s enough money on the bank account. But what does a world trip cost? It is clear that there is a huge difference in price between a traveler staying in a ten-bed hostel room and eating cheap street food only and a traveler who moves from hotel to hotel and who selects the best restaurant in the city every day.

For my planning I have – again – researched for days. First, I took a look at my planned itinerary and thought about how long I would stay in which country. For the calculation at least an approximate planning was necessary. I have researched the following costs:

  • Average accommodation costs per country
    I went from a single or double hostel room to know an average price. At best, I get on the way cheaper, z. B. via Couchsurfing, then I can treat myself on other days sometimes a nice hotel room.
  • Cost of food/restaurants
  • Visa fees
  • Cost of transport and flights
  • Cost of special excursions or activities
    E.g. a language course somewhere on the way, a tour to the Niagara Falls or Machu Picchu and a buffer for admission fees and other optional tours.
  • A small budget for souvenirs and gifts (very small, because the space in the backpack is limited …)
  • international health insurance
  • Prices of equipment still on the shopping list
  • Running costs
  • Insurance, costs for music or language apps
  • A buffer for emergencies

The rest is mathematics. If the “running costs” are clear, you can easily calculate a daily budget for food and accommodation per country – at least in theory. Whether the calculated costs are also practicable, I know in about a year – or earlier, if I run out of budget prior to what I expected. 😉

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