Auf dem Weg zur Schule besorgt sich dieses Mädchen ihr Frühstück an einem Streetfood-Stand.

And Suddenly There Was Thailand

I have to make a cut. Thailand has captivated me, demands my full attention – here and now – and makes it almost impossible for me to move my thoughts back to the American continent.

I celebrated the national holiday in Mexico City with Mexican friends, experienced violent riots in Chile and climbed an active volcano, traveled by bus for almost 24 hours, sweated and froze in the desert, and had to struggle a little with altitude sickness, I drove across the desert from Chile to Bolivia, tried previously unknown fruits in markets, and got infected by the spirituality of the Bolivians. In Peru I cured a food poisoning, let myself be captivated by Machu Picchu, marveled at the beautiful white buildings of Arequipa, made chocolate, practiced yoga on the beach, and photographed Lima. Until then, Guatemala was the spiritual highlight of my trip. On the edge of the magical Lago Atitlan, I have become part of a small group of strong women who have traveled from all over the world to be there at the right place at the right time.

After five rainy and snowy weeks including Christmas in Canada, I‘ve arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The wonderful feeling of deep satisfaction, gratitude and the knowledge of being in the right place for the moment hasn‘t let go of me ever since. In just a week I had so many wonderful encounters and inspiring conversations – with people on the street, with monks, and with other travelers. I feel like I’m in a flow that lets the lines flow out of my fingers. And I can’t explain why exactly yet, but I’m experiencing a feeling of coming home far from my actual home in Frankfurt – and that couldn’t be any further away.

At any rate, all of this currently makes it impossible for me to convert all the key points of my experiences on the American continent into readable texts. Therefore, at this point I make a cut: I continue with Thailand. And everything else will follow as soon as my mind is ready for it.
There are some photos from the past months on Instagram – and the complete route with photos and information on Find Penguins.

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