Who is actually writing here?

Here writes Sonja, 35, Frankfurter by choice and globetrotter. © Yvonne Jung Fotografie
Here writes Sonja, 37, Frankfurter by choice and globetrotter. © Yvonne Jung Fotografie

Someone recently asked me how I would describe my round-the-world-trip in three words. Just three words for almost a year, which would hardly be enough to describe just a single day of travel, I thought. “Spontaneously!” emphasized my friend when I was about to take up my position as a thinker.

Spirituality, contrasts, limitless freedom.
That sums up my year of travel quite well.

Why there is this blog

In summer 2019 I quit my job, sublet my apartment, and packed my backpack to fulfill my dream: to travel around the world – with my backpack, camera, ukulele, and a great deal of courage. Weeding in Ontario and sheep milking in Saskatchewan, idyll in Oregon and city bustle in Mexico, Chilean volcanoes and Bolivian desert landscapes, a journey into Peru’s past and a journey through Guatemala to myself, meditation in Thailand and yoga in India. Landscapes, weather, people, social structures, languages, cultures… A year full of contrasts that could hardly be bigger.

Then Corona suddenly ended my trip around the world: hasty departure, plane, airport, Frankfurt, shops closed, friends at a distance. From around the world to 40 square meters. From limitless freedom to quarantine. Another contrast.

Travel virtually together

While traveling, I started to collect thoughts, stories, and experiences and to take you a little bit with me on my journey around the world. Well, I quickly realized that I much prefer to see, experience, and share adventures with fellow travelers in hostels rather than to look at the laptop’s screen. That’s why there is a mix of travel memories and current experiences here. Now, we can travel together virtually – with little stories from the big wide world.

And otherwise?

I earn my money as a text, content and communication expert in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. I’m currently building a second mainstay as a photographer. I love to be creative in every way: with fabrics and wool, but also musically. I’m happy about the sun’s rays on wooden boards and brimstones caterpillars on lavender flowers, leaves rustling in the wind, and that my favorite people are healthy. Oh, and I’m also happy about nougat chocolate. Sometimes I talk to my houseplants or the squirrel in the park – but preferably to my friends. I start the day with meditation, yoga, and chai tea and end it with reading a good book (which of course I don’t fall asleep to …).  I’m planning to adopt a dog, and one day, I’d love to start a garden. And in between, I live the moment.

Because all of this makes me me, there’s also room for these adventures. In little stories from the big wide world.

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