Building The Smallest Room At The Edge Of The Forest

Canadians are into outhouses. Again and again I came across the outdoor toilets on my journey through the country. Compost toilets are especially popular. At the Fletchers, my third wwoof station, I was allowed to help build one.

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Chile: “The biggest crisis since the return of democracy”

An increase in ticket prices for local transport by 30 pesos (equivalent to just under 40 Euro cents) was decisive for the unrest that is currently taking place in many places in Chile. Trigger, or just the last straw that breakst he camel’s back? After all that I‘ve heard, the latter is true. The social injustice in the country has long affected many Chileans.

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State Of Emergency: Leave Chile As Soon As Possible

“I advise you to leave the country as soon as possible.” The warning from a friend from Santiago is clear. Chile has been in a state of emergency for a few days now. And I’m kind of in the middle of this drama, which takes place in the country that is considered the most stable in South America. Whether and how I can leave the country is currently questionable.

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Crater Lake in Oregon, USA - the bluest of the blue lakes.

100 Days On The Road

On June 5, exactly 100 days ago, I left in Frankfurt carrying my backpack and wearing my hiking boots to step on the plane west. Since then, I‘ve had an amazing time in North America, met many wonderful people and seen impressive places. Time for an interim balance.

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Hands, clothes, everything smells of sheep. Wonderful.

Milking Sheep Is Pure Joy

Three weeks living and learning on a sheep farm – on my second station as WWOOFer I was particularly happy. Lamb cuddles, milking sheep, and making sheep’s milk cheese were some of my tasks. A textbook example of Farm life. And yet I had to leave the farm much earlier than planned to protect myself.

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