Bitte lächeln. Ein Paar macht Fotos in Bangkok.

Insta-Girls And Their Boyfriends

Selfies and selfie sticks are just as indispensable in everyday travel as insta-girls and their boyfriends. The shutter-release button is pressed and instructions are given until the look, hair, outfit and sight in the background are perfectly arranged and placed. I particularly noticed this in Thailand. And I was wondering whether the couples, because of sheer insta-perfectionism, could even see what was going on around them.

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Here comes the train! Mae Klong Train Market.

Red Train Rolls Through Market

There are very special markets in Thailand: a train rolls through some, others are floating on water. I made my way southeast of Bangkok to watch the rolling and swimming spectacles on my last day in Thailand.

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Fotobuch aus der Professional Line von Saal Digital.

2.7 Kilos Of Favorite Photos

I took around 18,000 pictures during my trip around the world – photos, videos, with the DSLR and the mobile phone. What to do with so many photos? Sort out radically – and print the most beautiful pictures in a photo book.

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Evening mood over Bornheim in spring 2019.

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today was an extremely hot day. In light summer clothes and with large wicker baskets or cotton bags, people strolled over cobblestones on the Bornheim weekly market, looking at the display of freshly pricked asparagus and juicy, bright red strawberries. The saleswoman at the bread stand was filling up my favorite chocolate rolls. A little further up, someone impatiently and loudly walked between a stroller and a walker while talking on the phone. And as always, coffee lovers stood together with espresso and cigarette in front of the café. “I’ll miss that,” I thought.

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Blick vom Chinesischen Tempel über Ko Sichang.

Ko Sichang – Life Happens On The Street

“Life happens on the street,” said a friend after returning from his trip to Thailand. I only really realized how right he was on Ko Sichang. The small island a good hundred kilometers south of Bangkok is hardly touristy. Westerners rarely stray here. That’s why life here is as original as it could be.

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Die Rainbow Mountains in Peru - unter Schnee.

Why Traveling Sometimes Really Sucks

Sunshine, beach, and rainbows. Well, full-time traveling is more than that. And it’s way harder than what it looks like. So, after more than nine months on the road, here comes my honest list about what really sucks about traveling, what isn’t obvious at first sight, and what I sometimes find hard to deal with.

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Wat Sri Chum - für mich der friedlichste Ort auf der Erde.

Sukhothai – Dawn of Happiness

I don’t like to write too much today, but rather show you a few photos. Photos of one of the most magical, impressive, peaceful and, in ist own way, most beautiful places I was allowed to visit on my way around the world: the Sukhothai historical city.

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Ein Foto zur Erinnerung durfte ich machen von den beiden liebenswerten Nonnen. Aber sie möchten ihre Gesichter nicht im Internet sehen. Das respektiere ich natürlich.

Also Nuns Like Sweet Iced Tea

I actually wanted to write a text about a fun ride with the yellow Songthaew. About how the driver of this shared taxi transported not only people, but also car parts and bags of unknown content. I wanted to write about how twelve people, including their luggage and groceries, squeezed into the interior and another stood on the exit step – right next to another bag of unknown content. I wanted to write about miy sitting neighbour’s knee in my calf, the elderly woman who was supposed to get to know her grandson for the first time, and an overturned bag full of eggs. Then two nuns invited me to lunch.

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