This is the wides part of Chinatown's narrow Fan Tan Alley.

A Day In Victoria, B.C.

The capital, British Columbia, is probably the most British in all of Canada. Victorian-style homes, gardens, pubs, and traditional shops selling original Irish sheep’s wool sweaters can be found downtown and throughout the city. With Chinatown there is also a piece of the Far East on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

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Die schönsten Sonnenuntergänge habe ich auf Vancouver Island gesehen.

Vancouver Island – Living In A Postcard

Mountains, (rain) forests, lakes, beaches, the sea, islands, rivers, waterfalls, cities – Vancouver Island has it all. So the question “What to do on Vancouver Island?” actually doesn’t arise: Get out of the house / tent / camper and simply drive on or hike – or be inspired by my favorite places.

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Dug enjoys the view from top of Mount Arrowsmith.

When The View From The Mountain Takes Your Breath Away

I admit: so far, hiking hasn‘t been one of my favorite pastimes. However, I didn’t want to miss the amazing view from Mount Arrowsmith over Vancouver Island. With no gondola going up, there was no other way but to climb through the forest and over rocks to the summit. Fortunately, there was a hiking partner – and motivator.

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