During the past year photography has become one of my favorite hobbies. This is one of the things I*d like to improve during my trip. Capture: Bettina Engel

What I planned to do underway

In everyday life, the time for things I like to do is limited. I have some plans for the coming year. The order is variable. But: point 14 is the most important.

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A backpack and a daypack have to be enough to carry all my things.

I am packing my backpack…

What do you take with you on a trip around the world for a year when tropical regions are on the travel list as well as cold high-altitude regions? Not so easy when limited to a backpack. The packing list for my world trip.

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Fear seems to be something people don't like to talk about. Photo: archive

What nobody asked me

Part II of the FAQ – with a question that nobody has asked me except myself. Its answer occupies more room than all the top 10 questions put together: Are you in doubt/fear?

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In the focus: the top 10 world trip questions everybody has asked me. Photo: Bettina Engel

What everyone has asked me

Two days left until departure. I said goodbye to almost all my friends, spent the last day at work, cleared out my apartment, handed over the key to the new tenant. In these weeks, I answered an awful lot of questions. Here are the top 10 questions everyone asked me.

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For the past half year I spent quite some time in front of the computer doing research.

It’s All About Research

From A as in airplane ticket to V as in Visa. Prior to a long-term trip, there is an incredible amount of things to plan.

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This photo was taken in Cuba six years ago. This is the country where I came closest to Central America.

Traveling Solo as a Woman in South America

There is a warning of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Totally dangerous,” say friends and the vender in the outdoor store. Who could know more than people who have actually been there?

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