Ein Foto zur Erinnerung durfte ich machen von den beiden liebenswerten Nonnen. Aber sie möchten ihre Gesichter nicht im Internet sehen. Das respektiere ich natürlich.

Also Nuns Like Sweet Iced Tea

I actually wanted to write a text about a fun ride with the yellow Songthaew. About how the driver of this shared taxi transported not only people, but also car parts and bags of unknown content. I wanted to write about how twelve people, including their luggage and groceries, squeezed into the interior and another stood on the exit step – right next to another bag of unknown content. I wanted to write about miy sitting neighbour’s knee in my calf, the elderly woman who was supposed to get to know her grandson for the first time, and an overturned bag full of eggs. Then two nuns invited me to lunch.

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Mit den Mönchen auf Almosen-Rundgang.

Alms, Monks, Meditation

All over Thailand, monks leave their temples early in the morning to collect alms in exchange for a blessing for the donating people. I was allowed to join them during a Vipassana retreat.

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Sonnenaufgang über dem See am Vipassana-Meditationszentrum in Fang.

About A Bus Ride And A Hint Of The Universe

Fang, a small town about 150 kilometers north of Chiang Mai, is the next destination of my trip. During the bus ride I had a lot of time to think – and to write.

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Palinya ist Novize in Wat Chedi Luang, Chiang Mai.

“Humans Have The Power To Do So Much Good”

Wat Chedi Luang is one of many temples in Chiang Mai that offer so-called monk chats. Tourists can exchange ideas with monks on all kinds of topics and learn about their lives. Here I got to know the novice Palinya, who deeply impressed me.

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Pelikane in Lima, Peru. Auch sie werfen einen Blick zurück - wortwörtlich.

Throwback: 2019 – What A Year!

A dream fulfillment year. A year of travel. A year in which I gave up (almost) everything that was important to me. Who would have thought that I would actually live my vague dream, this idea of world exploration, one day. To be honest: at least myself.

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Zeit zum Innehalten.

Pause For A Moment

The Christmas tree is festively decorated, candles sparkle, a juicy roast is simmering in the oven, the scent of hot wine is in the air. The family enjoys days off and being together. The aunt is arguing with the uncle, grandma is tipsy and little Teo is offended because Santa hasn‘t brought him a toy car. These or similar scenes are happening in many households around the world these days. We all deserve a little rest at the end of the year. But…

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