This is the wides part of Chinatown's narrow Fan Tan Alley.

A Day In Victoria, B.C.

The capital, British Columbia, is probably the most British in all of Canada. Victorian-style homes, gardens, pubs, and traditional shops selling original Irish sheep’s wool sweaters can be found downtown and throughout the city. With Chinatown there is also a piece of the Far East on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

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Zeit zum Innehalten.

Pause For A Moment

The Christmas tree is festively decorated, candles sparkle, a juicy roast is simmering in the oven, the scent of hot wine is in the air. The family enjoys days off and being together. The aunt is arguing with the uncle, grandma is tipsy and little Teo is offended because Santa hasn‘t brought him a toy car. These or similar scenes are happening in many households around the world these days. We all deserve a little rest at the end of the year. But…

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