Especially on small family farms the relationship between farmers and animals is close.

Murder On The Farmland

I never saw the murderers. And there was no sentence either. But the victims were there. Sometimes terribly battered, sometimes gone without a trace. We always knew who the killers were: ravens, coyotes, rats, chickens, dogs and cats.

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Bohnenernte. Frisch aus dem Garten schmeckt die Hülsenfrucht am besten.

About Moles And Other Misunderstandings

Hanna and Ruth are the names of the two sisters on whose farm I spent the first weeks of August. That meant feeding alpacas, watering plants, collecting eggs. Most of all, I had a lot of time to explore beautiful Vancouver Island. What does that have to do with moles? Well…

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Building The Smallest Room At The Edge Of The Forest

Canadians are into outhouses. Again and again I came across the outdoor toilets on my journey through the country. Compost toilets are especially popular. At the Fletchers, my third wwoof station, I was allowed to help build one.

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Hands, clothes, everything smells of sheep. Wonderful.

Milking Sheep Is Pure Joy

Three weeks living and learning on a sheep farm – on my second station as WWOOFer I was particularly happy. Lamb cuddles, milking sheep, and making sheep’s milk cheese were some of my tasks. A textbook example of Farm life. And yet I had to leave the farm much earlier than planned to protect myself.

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