Auf dem Weg zur Schule besorgt sich dieses Mädchen ihr Frühstück an einem Streetfood-Stand.

And Suddenly There Was Thailand

I have to make a cut. Thailand has captivated me, demands my full attention – here and now – and makes it almost impossible for me to move my thoughts back to the American continent.

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Chile: “The biggest crisis since the return of democracy”

An increase in ticket prices for local transport by 30 pesos (equivalent to just under 40 Euro cents) was decisive for the unrest that is currently taking place in many places in Chile. Trigger, or just the last straw that breakst he camel’s back? After all that I‘ve heard, the latter is true. The social injustice in the country has long affected many Chileans.

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State Of Emergency: Leave Chile As Soon As Possible

“I advise you to leave the country as soon as possible.” The warning from a friend from Santiago is clear. Chile has been in a state of emergency for a few days now. And I’m kind of in the middle of this drama, which takes place in the country that is considered the most stable in South America. Whether and how I can leave the country is currently questionable.

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