Finding Inspiration on the Street

After a year of not really posting anything on Instagram, Facebook or this blog, a meet up with street photographers from all over Germany inspired me. A day of walking around Frankfurt, chatting and taking photos pushed my motivation. So, I sat down today with a note book, a pen and all the ideas in my head to finally find a golden thread.

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Fröhliche Gesichter während des bunten Holi Festivals in den Straßen von Rishikesh.

Celebrating Colors, Spring and Love

Today, India celebrates its Holi festival and with it the arrival of spring, love, colors and the victory of evil over good. A year ago, I was right in the middle of the colorful hustle and bustle. A flashback.

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Rishikesh – always in my heart

“I feel India so much right now,” a friend wrote the other day. She has Rishikesh-sickness, another told me. And I can understand both of them so well. Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga on the banks of Mother Ganga. Rishikesh, which whenever I see it in photos sends shivers up and down my spine, wonderful memories into my head and tears into my eyes. Rishikesh, where all the puzzle pieces I had unknowingly collected suddenly formed a picture.

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Bitte lächeln. Ein Paar macht Fotos in Bangkok.

Insta-Girls And Their Boyfriends

Selfies and selfie sticks are just as indispensable in everyday travel as insta-girls and their boyfriends. The shutter-release button is pressed and instructions are given until the look, hair, outfit and sight in the background are perfectly arranged and placed. I particularly noticed this in Thailand. And I was wondering whether the couples, because of sheer insta-perfectionism, could even see what was going on around them.

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Here comes the train! Mae Klong Train Market.

Red Train Rolls Through Market

There are very special markets in Thailand: a train rolls through some, others are floating on water. I made my way southeast of Bangkok to watch the rolling and swimming spectacles on my last day in Thailand.

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Fotobuch aus der Professional Line von Saal Digital.

2.7 Kilos Of Favorite Photos

I took around 18,000 pictures during my trip around the world – photos, videos, with the DSLR and the mobile phone. What to do with so many photos? Sort out radically – and print the most beautiful pictures in a photo book.

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Evening mood over Bornheim in spring 2019.

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today was an extremely hot day. In light summer clothes and with large wicker baskets or cotton bags, people strolled over cobblestones on the Bornheim weekly market, looking at the display of freshly pricked asparagus and juicy, bright red strawberries. The saleswoman at the bread stand was filling up my favorite chocolate rolls. A little further up, someone impatiently and loudly walked between a stroller and a walker while talking on the phone. And as always, coffee lovers stood together with espresso and cigarette in front of the café. “I’ll miss that,” I thought.

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